Premium Omega-3 Family 500 ml Liquid

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  • Natural Omega-3 of the Norwegian salmon ” Salmo Salar “
  • 500ml Liquid omega-3
  • Especially for adults
  • RDA – Recommended daily amount : 10ml or two teaspoons
  • For +/- 2 months
  • Can be administered by a spoon, cup delivered dosage or mixed in food

Nutritional Value RDA :

Extra Virgin Salmon Oil 10 ml (10,000 mg)

Omega 3 fatty acids 2150 mg


EPA fatty acids : 480 mg

DHA fatty acids : 720 mg

DPA fatty acids : 250 mg

Other Omega 3 fatty acids : 700 mg

Other fatty acids 7850 mg

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A superior Omega-3 product, based on the Arctic Salmon

Nor-Oil Extra Virgin Salmon Oil is unique by its extreme freshness as a result of a processing within the 75 minutes after fishing in the Norwegian Arctic waters. Nor- Oil distinguishes itself in the world of omega-3 fatty acids because they stem from a pure environment, harvested in a sustainable and traceable manner.

Nor-Oil Extra Virgin Salmon Oil contains EPA , DHA and DPA in natural and unrefined manner with natural vitamins and nutrients. The oil is screened for impurities and super fresh packaged resulting in ultra low oxidation.

People with seafood allergy, coagulopathy , taking anticoagulants or other medications are advised to contact their doctor before taking supplements . Does Not replace a varied and balanced diet and lifestyle.


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