Superba Krill Omega-3 Family 30 Caps

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  • Natural Omega-3 Euphasia Superba Krill
  • 30 softgel capsules of each 500mg
  • 60 mg EPA
  • 27,5 mg DHA
  • 200 mg Phospolipids
  • Recommended daily intake : 1 Capsule
  • No fishy taste

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A superior Omega-3 product , based on the Antarctic Krill Euphasia Superba

Nor-Oil Superba Krill Omega 3 are unique because they contain phospholipids and astaxanhtine. Nor-Krill distinguishes itself in the world of omega-3 fatty acids because they stem from a pure environment and are harvested in a sustainable and traceable manner.

People with seafood allergy, coagulopathy, taking anticoagulants or other medications are advised to contact their doctor before taking supplements. Omega food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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