Arctic Salmon Oil


Premium Omega 3,
daily fresh from the High North.

Our Premium Omega 3 salmon oil is the most fresh fish oil on the market. The Norwegian salmon feeds itself with Omega 3 rich shrimp and plankton crustaceans and are sustainably caught in the pure Arctic waters.

The best Salmon

Premium Omega -3 is ecologically produced from fresh Norwegian salmon, which meets the highest standards in terms of food quality. Not from cultivated mackerel, sardines, or a mix of different fish species, or – even worse – fish waste. We are a transparent and safe alternative to the imported, over processed fish oils that are flooding the Omega-3 world market .

Warm up, just like home

After the extraction, the Premium Omega 3 salmon oil is only for a few minutes warmed-up to 90 ° C, which is similar to a short steamed salmon that you cook at home. This is in great contrast to many processed oils, which are often heated for hours to 250 ° C in order to mask bad odours and flavours.

Fresher than fresh

The salmon oil is extracted from the salmon within 75 minutes from fishing. Premium Omega 3 scores a TOTOX value of 2, which is equivalent to “extreme freshness. In comparison, a value of 0 means living fish, a value of 26 for acceptable freshness. The fresher the fish oil, the safer, quicker and more effective uptake into the human body.

Tailored to your needs

Our Premium Omega 3 is available in various forms. Opt for classic or go for the more specific Omega 3, with extra vitamins or subtle flavors. For children, pregnant women, athletes and for your dearest pets we offer the most natural source of Omega 3.

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